Ms. Hifa Farah has received her Master's of Arts degree in Art from California State
University, Northridge, her Bachelor of Arts degree in Textile Design from The Ontario
College of Art and Design in Toronto, and her Associate of Arts degree in Interior
Design from College of Construction and Interior Design in Tehran. She had the privilege
to learn the art of illumination under the guidance and supervision of one of the Master
teachers of Persian art of Illumination, Mr. Bagheri in Iran.
Since 1982, she has participated at group shows and has had several successful
solo shows in Iran, Canada, Australia and the United States. During the "Invitation 88'"
and 89—a festival of the human Spirit at Bishop University and at London University in
Canada—she became convinced of the importance of the functional and creative role
of art in life. As an artist and art student during studying art Hifa designed, implemented
and coordinated art instructions of different art forms in the area of Surface Design,
Decorative Design and Fin Art in both Traditional and Contemporary Art. In addition
to modern art and abstract design, her art work has been influenced by Persian
traditional art.
The messages and the images that are manifested in her poems and in her abstract
designs are a way to explore and convey her feelings and stories. Art is the language
of her soul and she believes in the spiritual impact of art. In her view, art can be
compared to an instrument to play the song of harmony, love and unity in diversity.
Above all, art can bring harmony and peace to humanity.